The Birthday Book – Colourpop Dupes


It’s Kylie’s Birthday! I absolutely love her makeup, and I’m happy that she is finally selling her stuff at a more reasonable(ish) price. Last week she teased us on Snap for a few days before revealing the (now sold out) Birthday Collection.

If you missed out on the birthday drop and just can’t wait to get you’re hands on some great new colors, I’ve got the hookup for the birthday book via ColourPop dupes. It looks like a few people have caught on since some of them are sold out already, but they are having a sale so that could be the real reason.

Check out my swaps below and tell me again that Kylie Cosmetics is not rebranding ColourPop:





Kylie’s Lips

Ok, I couldn’t care less about the Kardashians on TV. I’ve attempted to watch the first season of the show and didn’t even last the whole episode. I just…CAN’T. I CAN tolerate them long enough IN PICTURES to admire wardrobe choices and see what they are doing with their makeup.

HeLLLLO? Queen KYLIE! No, I’m not going to spend 1 billion dollars on your lipkit which is the exact same thing as COLOURPOP [here, here and (the bombshell!–here)], but the girl knows how to wear makeup.

And KIM, thank you for introducing me to HAC, I will never be on time for work again.


So here lately, I got to thinking. Kylie looks A LOT different. What the heck? I changed from 14 to 18 too, but not that much. Was it really just her lips? It would make sense that she would mega pump her lips and then launch a wildly successful company featuring–you guessed it–lipstick. But can the transformative effect of makeup change a person THAT MUCH? The only way to really know unless your a Kardashian family member is speculation and Photoshop. Decide for yourself:

kylie_sidebysidePhoto courtesy FilmMagic.

iPad Deal

Hi Followers,

I have recently updated my iPad and am selling my old one.  This is a great opportunity to purchased a great used iPad with good battery life at a discounted price!  Follow the link to place a bid or submit an offer to me directly at   Offers from Twitter, FCBK, and LinkedIN will be considered with the highest priority.  Happy Bidding!  🙂

As always fellow photographers, don’t forget to check with your preferred print house regarding color space!  Your friendly prepress specialist will thank you!  #teamcmyk



Recently, I had the opporitunity to photograph the Quinceañera of Jennifer Mayen!  It was so much fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  The entire experience was beautiful and I want to share it with everyone!


New Year, New Website, and New Postings!

Hello fellow photographers and future clients!

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride.  Schram Photographic has experienced tremendous growth, but it has not been without treachery.  Mistakes have been made, but all have been approached as a learning experience.   Through the good and the bad, I have become a better photographer, a better businesswoman, and an overall better person.

A few things I would like to mention and what I plan to share with you this year:

The company website has gone live!  It was many months in the works, with two temporary websites in between, but the permanent website has finally FINALLY been launched!  Clients are able to proof direct from the site with a password and can decide right then what they want to purchase.  Customers can order directly from their proofing session or they may wait for an additional private album to order from.  It’s very convenient for both myself and the customer.  Click on over to the website —->  Schram Photographic  If you’re ordering prints from me, use code schrblog for an additional print credit.  In the meantime, click over to Jerry Central for other valuable photographic lessons.

As the business grows, I still continue to hold a day job.  As luck would have it, I work at a print house.  I’m continuously amazed at how much I didn’t know.  My artwork wasn’t ever prepared properly…and yours probably isn’t either.  Look for an upcoming post outlining what every photographer NEEDS TO KNOW before sending images to the print house.  If you are interested in purchasing really large prints, or are a commercial photographer, you should consider Gregory, Inc. as your large format vendor .  Click here —->  Gregory, Inc.

Also on the itinerary for 2012 is the annual Summer Model shoot!  If you are interested in becoming a Summer Model for Schram Photographic, please email me.  Look for a calendar posting in the next few weeks with other modeling opportunities and important dates at Schram Photographic.

I look forward to the new year and all of the exciting opportunities it will bring!  I look forward to meeting potential clients, meeting new photographers, and enriching relationships with colleagues and vendors.  🙂